Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the mood for chocolate

When am I ever NOT in the mood for chocolate? It's not very often, that's for sure! And today I wanted a specific chocolate.  I'm all about texture and I wanted some ooohy gooey chewy brownies! 

I'm a pro at making Ghiradelli chocolate brownies from the box.  In fact, I could probably perfect just about any brownie from the box.  However, I've never made brownies from scratch! And unfortunately we didn't have any box-brownies in the house.  So I went in search of a homemade brownie recipe.  I came across these so-called "Lethally Delicious Bittersweet Brownies".  Now, I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate or bittersweet chocolate at that, so I decided to tweak the recipe and go for a milk chocolate brownie instead.  

Also, I didn't have any chocolate chips around, but I have a massive stash of halloween candy left so I used all of the Hershey Milk Chocolate Nuggets that we had! Thank goodness they are no longer staring at me...but I'm pretty sure it'll be harder keeping my paws off the brownies.  

The full recipe is here on Lethally Delicious.  Again, I used milk chocolate in place of bittersweet chocolate/dark chocolate.  Mine could be called "Lethally Delicious Milk Chocolatey Brownies".

 I like my brownies a little undercooked so they are warm and gooey when consumed.  I don't enjoy a cakey brownie.  It's all about oven times and how much you stir the batter.  More stirring = more air = cakier.  Less stirring = more dense. And I always take my brownies out earlier than the recipe says!

 I was able to make these all while the pup had her noon nap ;-) 

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