Monday, June 25, 2012

Breaking In the New Oven...

With some blondies! 
I've never made blondies let alone heard of blondies until recently.  Of course, if you think hard enough  I'm sure you can guess what they are exactly.  Opposite of a get a blondie!  Made with white chocolate instead of milk or dark chocolate.  

I have fallen in love with the blondie...a peanut butter chocolate chip kind!

Head on over to Tracey's Culinary Adventure for the recipe, here.

I feel like this recipe (it may be true of other blondie recipes, I'm just not too familiar yet) as it has the texture and consistency of a cookie in a bar form...which I <3!!

I followed her directions step by step and they turned out amazing.  I used mini chocolate chips, so if you really want that chocolate chunk I'd go with a regular size chip.    

Along with breaking in the oven...we are really starting to settle into the new place.  Pictures are on the walls, all boxes are unpacked, and it's all of a sudden looking like a home.  

Work is going well in my new office space...

Sophie is finding her favorite places around the house
And here :-)
And she loves that we're so close to the lake on hot summer days...she's a swimmin' dog now!
 More baking to come...