Sunday, February 12, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

Time away from home really makes you appreciate some things you may take for granted about your every day routine.

Let me preface...I was recently rehired into my old position at Genentech.  I started last Tuesday and I'm currently training on site and will be for this next week.  I'm not usually away from home this long, and if I's usually because I'm on a vacation with the bf and the pooch.  This time...not so much.

Now I should say, I love seeing my friends at work and having lunch and dinner outings to catch up after all this time.  It's a great feeling when you see each other after several months and it's as if nothing's changed :-) The trainings have been so helpful and thorough that I'm glad to be onsite learning it all and really getting the hands on experience that I will need to take back home.  We are extremely spoiled at Genentech and pretty much have been catered every meal...and snacks.
(The best popcorn EVER..complete with Red Vines and M&Ms.  This was after the Pizza, Salad, and Sodas a couple hours before :-/) 

It was a big week not just for me...but for Mike and Sophie as well.  I've been home with Sophie since we got her in Oct. of 2011.  I've never been away from her for more than a couple of hours.  I knew she wasn't going to know what happened the morning I left for work.  I guess she kept trying to "find" me around the house...going to the stairs or coming around to my side of the bed with a toy.  She always does this when Mike's at work but I felt so bad that I was gone for sooo long.

Mike was a single parent for the first time ;-) He had to carve out time from his work schedule to come home and take her on a walk or go to the park so Sophie was able to get some midday exercise.  He was also getting up at the butt crack of dawn so she had her usual morning walk.  On top of all that...he had two classes at night for himself and Sophie's puppy class.  And throw in a vet appointment to take out her stitches!  I don't even know if I could've done all that.

Sophie had a big week...lots of firsts for her as well.  She's never been left home alone for long periods of time throughout the day and she was such a trooper! She also went to Doggy Day Camp at Petsmart for the first time and received a stellar "Pawgress Report".  It was also her first time going to class without her mom (boy did I feel like an awful parent).
(Apparently she was the life of the party...she must get that from her Dad ;-) 

I was so thankful for all Mike's help with her while I was gone.  I know it was a huge undertaking for him and his busy work schedule alone but I know he wouldn't do anything less for his Honey Bear.

It was such an excitement to see Mike and Sophie after being away for a week.  I was so happy to see both of them Friday night when they came down to my parents to stay for the weekend.  It was definitely too short of a visit as they had to leave Sunday morning.

You take for granted just the togetherness that makes you so happy to be with the people you love.  Seeing them day in and day out, telling them about your day, even just running simple errands together.  Every single thing was such a special moment this weekend that I really should treat every single day as if it's the last bc they are ALL special moments.
We went to get my sister an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen for her birthday.  
And took an impromptu trip to the winery across the street and had some amazing wine paired with delicious cheesecake cupcakes.  

And I watched Sophie play with my parents dogs all weekend long...and already she has grown within a week!  

Her daddy bought her a big bone since she was such a good girl all week!

I'm hoping this next week flies by and I can get back home. But in the mean time I'm trying to stay busy...

Today, I had a lovely day going with my mom to her card workshop.  We got to make and take 4 different cards.  So much fun and super cute cards!

Of course, I'm going to miss these faces...but I'll be home soon :-)