Monday, October 14, 2013

"If I was going somewhere...

I was running!" - Forrest Gump

I absolutely love this movie.  Brings back so many funny childhood memories when I would watch it with my Aunt and Uncle.  I was such a little actress when I was little and would act out all the scenes.

Ironically this movie happened to be on TV the other day and I was watching it while running around the house.  He truly was a "runnin fool" in that movie.

That same weekend the movie was on, my sister was talking to me about being a pacer for a 50 mile endurance run she was thinking about doing in April of next year.  This means I would be running with her for the last 20 miles.  I actually have never ran anything over 13.1 miles.

I've always wanted to run a full on marathon but it is something I've always thought was an impossible feat.  My sister later decided she was going to run the Napa Valley Marathon in March instead and wondered if I was interested.  For me, registering for the event is my ultimate commitment to start training and finish the race.

 My sister and I before our first race together.


I had to consult one of my best friends who has completed the SF Marathon twice now and has been my running partner through most of all my races.  She said she had no doubts I would be able to finish it, but it would be the time commitment to train.

Us crazy girls before the Color Run in 2012.

Already my schedule is jam packed.  I wake up up every day at 4:45am, drive 30 minutes to catch my companies corporate bus at 6:05am every day.  The ride is roughly 2 hours to work.  I typically nap the entire way if I can and get to work at 8.  I take an early bus home at 4pm where I work for an hour and nap another hour when I get back to my car at about 5:30pm to 6pm every day, then another 30min to an hour drive home (depending on traffic).  This day is enough to make someone super tired despite the fact that I'm sitting most of the day.

Sooo, with my half marathon routine, I've made myself continue training after work despite the incredibly long day.  It's been hard and there's been lots of ups and downs but it's kept me much more happy because I am active and it's something I truly love to do as hard as running is.

Best shoes ever...Brooks Adrenaline

So I decided within a couple hours to sign up! My training will continue right after the half marathon on Oct. 20th till March 3rd where I will be running with my sister to complete my first Full Marathon.  I'm scared beyond my wits but I'm ready to conquer something I've wanted to do for awhile now.  It'll be nice to have my sister there with me to cross the finish line together.  It'll be our second race together and I'm ready to train.

Wish me luck and I will be sure to check in with my progress along the way.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Ever since Google Reader went bye-bye I've been using Bloglovin to read and follow all my blogs.  In fact, I think it's a much easier and user friendly site.

For my long commutes, I love to use the app on my phone and scroll through all my blogs.  It's like my daily news! It's easy to "like" my favorite posts and Pin items straight from the app or the website.

Add the website and use the search tool to find all sorts of blogs.  You can follow me there as well!

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Fall Is Here!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before but I absolutely adore Fall! It truly is just like F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote...

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall." 

It's like a refreshing start...almost like the feeling of a new year.  With Fall comes all my favorite things and I think it's because it's all tied to things of comfort, outdoors, childhood memories, and being with family and friends.  

The other day I started to jot down a Fall to-do list.  Fall cannot slip away with a few must-dos each and every year.  Today, Mike and I with a few of our friends knocked a couple items off that list.'

But to help those of you with your Fall to-do is mine!

1. Get in the kitchen and bake up some Fall treats. 

My friend gave me a Caramel Apple Cake Pop kit, and I had to make them for Mike and my dad who love all things apple!

2. Get in the spirit and decorate the house Fall style

My mantle has since gotten yet another upgrade with tiny white pumpkins, but I was so excited to add some Fall flare to the house.  Mantles are the best place to start for seasonal decor.  

Love me some white pumpkins! They are by far my fave!

Scored with the fall welcome mat at CVS for $5!!

I whipped up these Pumpkin Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Cookies and they have since become a family favorite.  Several batches have already been devoured this Fall.  

3. Go to Apple Hill (or the closest Orchard/Harvest-type Festival) 

This place is a staple for us each Fall and I'm sure there's a place wherever you are located that features absolutely everything Fall...apples, pumpkins, hayrides.  Find your place and spend a weekend soaking up all the Fall galore!! 

For me, Apple Hill is the place I MUST get an apple fritter...yes they are pretty much the size of my head!  We just recently stumbled upon Caramel Apple Shakes so now it's a must every time we go! 


We also found a new spot this trip.  Jack Russell Brewery! Had to try the Apple Beer which was great.  However, Mike scored with their IPA.

4. Pick yourself a pumpkin! 

I love my little pea green pumpkin! I'm all about the odd suckers.

5. Go Apple Picking

This is one item on the list I have yet to accomplish.  We have another trip to Apple Hill scheduled this season, so it will be happening!

6. Back yard bonfire with s'mores
We tend to do this a lot in the summer but really the best weather for it is the Fall when it's cool outside and the fire is actually functional :-) 

7. Carve that pumpkin! 

This was my Jack ;-) I'm a terrible pumpkin carver, but I LOVE the activity.  Thought I'd pick something easy that year.  I tried Tinkerbell the year before...not successful :-/

8. Costume Party

We always have a great time during any Holiday at work and really get into the spirit.  

Several years ago this was my crazy flapper outfit...would be perfect with the Great Gatsby having resurfaced lately.

This year...I'm recruiting some co-workers to be Minions with me! How fun and easy would that be, right!!??  

We've already partaken in office "Spooktacular" donuts ;-) 

9. Resist that Halloween candy...but act like a kid and dig in every once in awhile ;-) 

I've already been told I'm "stealing from the children" according to Mike.  He decided this year, we'd be handing out full size candy and it's been staring at me for a month now already.  I've been good considering I could easily take one every day.  Only a few have gone missing ;-) 

10. Get outside 

The weather is THE best this time of year (sans rain)...but even with rain, go have a dance in those puddles!

I have been training for my 8th half marathon, The Livermore Grape Stomp, which I will complete on Oct. 20th.  

The morning runs have been the best! The weather is nice and crisp and perfect for my long runs.  

What is on your Fall must-do list? I'm always excited for new Fall activities so please comment away! 

Enjoy your Fall!!