Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things I'm Loving This Week

I check my favorite blogs in my bookmarks bar on a daily basis.  It's definitely a guilty pleasure and I look forward to this part of my day with excitement! While checking out the Ritzy Bee Blog I was enlightened about a fashion sketch artist whose page Inslee By Design has me mesmerized.  I had to look through every sketch and note card and blog post to see all her watercolor work.  I loved it so much that I got all into the painting mood...and failed miserably to draw and then paint a picture of my bf and I.  It served the purpose of more comic relief than anything else. 

 (Images Courtesy of Inslee by Design)

Freakin hilarious, no? As you can see, I can't do sunglasses it is!! Oh well, I tried ;-) 

This is the original picture that I went off of...not too shabby for my first go at it!

I'm pretty much obsessed with anything to do with Halloween right now but more specifically.... candy corn!!!  Some candy corn items I'm beyond obsessed with...

Candy Corn Teddy

(Image Courtesy of Build-A-Bear)

I found this candy corn dish in the dollar section at Target!! 

I found this idea from The Swell Life: take random glass bottles or vases and paint them with candy corn colors.  This is only my first bottle, and I want to gather a couple more randomly/odd shaped bottles to  make a little arrangement.  

I used acrylic paint instead of spray paint, as I like to use what I have lying around.  Worked great but has a different effect than the spray paint.

Please send over any candy corn creations or art that inspires you.  I'd love to see it!

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