Friday, October 7, 2011

More Painting and Toffee

I've been wanting to decorate our master bedroom for awhile now and I've put up little things here and there, but I've been waiting to really decorate with wall art since I've wanted to find some bed side tables first. Well, the bedside tables still haven't been purchased and I've gotten a little impatient about the wall art.

I wanted to paint something myself since I had a few blank canvases waiting to be covered.  I found this simple artwork on Veetje and figured...I could do that!

I made sure the colors of the blossoms went with the decor we already have in the room: browns, golds, burnt oranges.  

I'm thinking it needs more's a little too simplistic for my taste.  The art needs to pop from far away as it's only an 11x14 canvas.  And of course, I want to recreate it so the sides of the bed are balanced.

My next project of the day was making Saltine Cracker Toffee.  One, I love toffee or almond roca (whatever you'd like to call it) and two, it's wonderful when you have everything in your cabinet to make it.  Well, almost everything ;-)  Luckily, I was making a trip to the store today so I just picked up Saltine crackers for this wonderfully easy recipe I found on The Girl Who Ate Everything.

And it goes like this...

What you'll need:
40 Saltine crackers
1 Cup of butter
1 Cup of brown sugar
2 Cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips
Chopped Pecans (optional)

1) Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
2) Lay aluminum foil over a cookie sheet, set a layer of saltine crackers to cover the entire sheet.
3) Then, boil the butter and brown sugar in a pan for 3 minutes and until it is a deep caramel color.
4) Pour the  mixture over the crackers and bake for 5-6 minutes (the sugar will be bubbling).
5) I microwaved the 2 cups of chocolate chips for 1 minute and then spread the melted chocolate over the crackers.  Sprinkle the pecans on top if desired and let cool before breaking apart.

The amount of brown sugar/butter may have been too much as it never truly solidified but became more of a caramely consistency.  The final product was fantastic though with a cup of black coffee!

Perfect for dessert or....breakfast! ;-) 

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