Friday, October 7, 2011


I've tried some interesting things with nails but never any sort of blending techniques.  Refinery 29 had a great tutorial on how to do Ombre style nails.  Feeling inspired and having been painting the last couple days, the painting continued today :-)

I chose a Deborah Lippmann shade called "Don't Tell Mama" as the blackish dark base.  It actually has a green shimmer in the bottle but translates more as a black.  I started painting in uneven horseshoe like patterns on my nails.  For the second shade I chose Essie's "Bahama Mama" which is a slightly pinkish purple.  Instead of keeping both colors separated on the nail, I actually painted the top half with purple, let dry and then painted a second coat of purple on the entire nail.  This I think blended the colors better without such a drastic color difference between the black and purple.  I finished with a clear top coat.

Much better turnout than I originally thought it would be!

And an update on yesterday's canvas painting... I ended up added more blossoms.  I decided, they are supposed to be Fall branches not Winter branches.  More foliage!

Tomorrow...the bf and I are headed to Apple Hill, so be on the lookout for some tasty apple treats to come!!

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