Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Soph-a-loaf!

I've always had dogs in my family since the day I was born.  My first dog was a Golden Retriever named Murphy and he was one of the best dogs I've ever known.  I can't say I knew him very long, but what I remember of him...he was one smart, loyal, and gentle giant.  Since then, my family has had labs, dachshunds, a labradoodle, and a goldendoodle.  Never have I had a dog for my own or on my own for that matter.  

This past Saturday my mom, sister, family friend, and Mike were headed downtown to do a little shopping.  Mike and I had no idea we'd be heading home with a new addition!

As we parked we immediately saw Big Dawgs Rescue with a set-up of puppies next to a restaurant.  I fell in love with just one little girl with the sweetest face, the most docile personality, and soft tuxedo coat.  Her name was Lucy and I wanted to take her home.  

Mike and I have been talking about getting a puppy for awhile now.  Ever since I started working from home, we started to consider a puppy in our lives.  I wouldn't be home alone with a little furry friend, but with our busy schedules and weekends we decided...maybe it wasn't right just yet.  Well, when I was recently laid off...the subject came up again.  Maybe it was right time now.

Lucy came home with us Saturday afternoon as....Sophie...our first dog :-) 

She has been quite a handful as is expected with any new puppy.  She has been acclimating to multiple new environments and no longer has her litter mates as company.  She cried incessantly the first night but with each day and night she's getting much better in her crate and pen areas.  I think she's starting to understand those are her "safe places" where she sleeps and eats.    

I thought it would be difficult to start potty training her in an apartment setting, but the Potty Patch has been a life-saver.  She's getting better each day with much "potty-out" reinforcement.  Week one I wanted to be devoted specifically to potty-training and crate training.  Any more than that may be a bit much for a little pup to handle.

She loves to sleep and chew on toys and skin, so you have to always have a toy handy to place in her mouth.  She's learning what exactly a toy is and that all that's sprawled on the floor is hers.  We made several trips to the pet store to obtain a plethora of toys so she wouldn't get bored. 

She loves her bully sticks, but I think they are going to have to be for special occasions.  Those things get expensive, and she goes through them rather quickly.  Her favorite toy right now is a stuffed tiger she likes to retrieve and whip it around like it's a dead animal.  

(Sophie's First Bath)

I'm learning so much in this new role as puppy mom! It's exhausting, exciting, fun, and challenging!  And I love her sooooo much!!!
 (Sophie passed out)

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