Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bag O' Bones

Awhile ago, before it was even Halloween season, I found this cute idea for a Halloween treat on Pinterest.  The picture was titled "Funny Bones".  I figured it wouldn't take much to recreate and throw together in my own way.  

What I used was a bag of mini stick pretzels (the thin ones), a bag of mini marshmallows, and white chocolate candy coating.  

Place a mini marshmallow on either side of the stick pretzel.  Heat up the white chocolate candy and roll each "bone" in the melted liquid.  

I refrigerated the bones for a nicer texture.  

 I picked up these cute candy corn treat bags from Target in the dollar section and made a handcrafted tag that says "Bag O' Bones".  

I'm hoping Mike will take them to work to share with his coworkers for a Halloween treat! They are yummy!

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