Monday, October 3, 2011

My first day...

Of "not working" from home.  And it was amazingly productive for what should've or could've been a vacation day, but I can't stand not being productive in some capacity.  I tried sleeping in, but that failed as I was up with my boyfriend when he went off for his work day.  And so my day started with some house chores.  I had so much crap lying around from being gone for work all last week and also from a half marathon I completed on Sunday.  So I was doing laundry, picking up, and organizing.  It felt instantly gratifying to have all that done.  

Then it was time to Pinterest! I needed ideas for "thank-yous" to some wonderful ladies at work that hosted me last week.  I found THE perfect idea.  

"Thanks a latte" card!! Perfect for the ladies at work who I know love their morning Joe and maybe the occasional pastry.  So I headed to Starbucks and got myself two gift cards and two heat protector sleeves to make my own card.  

I had a perfect little "latte" sticker to use.  I think it turned out cute!

I was also able to catch up on my 90210 while I crafted.  The new season has started!

Next was to conquer some chocolate chip cookies.  I tried making coffee cupcakes yesterday....foul and a half! I don't know what exactly went wrong but I truly believe, the recipe ratios were to blame.  Oh well, the chocolate chip cookies more than made up for them.  I was told by the BF that they were one of (if not) THE best cookies he's ever had....probably one of the best compliments on my baking considering he's one PICKY eater!

I got the recipe off of Pinterest as well but ultimately from the "Apple A Day" blog.  Unfortunately or fortunately...(i'm not too sure) I didn't have any cornstarch on hand, but learned that cornstarch is just a thickener so I know from long ago in my gluten free baking days that Xanthum Gum is also a thickening agent, so I substituted.  And, I think they turned out fabulously!

Tomorrow I will brave Bed Bath and Beyond for some boot shapers for my new Frye boots.  They are gorg!

Till tomorrow....  

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