Friday, September 16, 2011

Nifty Nails!

I hate to actually spend money on getting my nails done.  I think I've maybe gotten a handful of manicures in my lifetime (no pun intended).  But I do however spend a decent amount on nail polish...another reason why I feel the need to actually do my own nails...I have to use the polish I have.

Pinterest is becoming quite the guilty pleasure and I'm on it daily searching for everything under the sun.  I've come across some fancy ideas and tricks for some nifty nails!

This idea came from the blog The Holy Nail.  I apologize for the messy edges...I could really have used a Nail Polish Correcter Pen.  It's only 6 bucks at Sephora! That may have to be my next nail purchase!

I chose a couple colors that I thought would easily stand out with the light base coat.  I wanted all the dots to really PoP!  The navy blue really offsets the hot pink and gold nicely.


I think I have an obsession for my Essie "Mint Candy Apple".  It's definitely a statement color!  I got the idea of adding loose glitter from the blog Cashmere and Cupcakes.  I painted two base coats and let dry.  Used a soft paint brush dipped in clear top coat and dipped into loose glitter and applied it to the edge of my nail.  It wasn't as smooth and the glitter set clumpily, so I'll have to perfect my technique.  

I liked the idea of doing different patterns and colors on each finger.  All the colors were somewhat in the same family or used on as the pattern for another nail so that the idea somewhat comes together.  I used a light pink base and pink glitter on another.  A pewter base on the pinkie and pewter polka dots on the thumb.  

I think this has been my biggest nail challenge to date! Again, the idea came straight from Pinterest.  The description stated "Tape + crafty scissors = fancy nails!".  I thought, how easy is that!?? I had wavy craft scissors AND tape! At first I chose two very dark colors and they didn't contrast enough for a popping result.  This second attempt above is Essie "Shift Power" and Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength "Tyin' the Knot". After applying two coats of golden polish and letting them adequately dry I simply cut small strips of tape and placed them vertically along the nail.  Painted one coat of contrasting color over and let dry before carefully ripping the tape off.  Fancy Nails! 

My next nail endeavor....

Newspaper/Book transfer onto nails.  It sounds easy...but I doubt it will be.  Wish me luck! 


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