Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm gettin' fancy!

It's been awhile since I made my first cakepop...and I've mastered not only the rounded shape and the smooth candy coating. I think I've mastered the best flavors as well...which frostings will go best with what cake and so on. And today I've stepped up my game to the next level and incorporated food coloring gel!

I've always wanted to use the food coloring gel since I used Little Miss Momma's tutorial on how to make cakepops. She used this great light blue swirly-doo a-top the cakepop...but I just wasn't ready at the time for that much pizzazz.

Don't her's look amazing! This is what I was going for today...

My boyfriend's good friend Lisa is a fanatic of cupcakes, cakepops, probably anything to do with cake. So I told her I would make a batch of cakepops for her special day.

So my swirly-doos aren't as spectacular as hers but I tried! I added a touch of star sprinkles...ya, gotta make a "wish upon a star" on your birthday ;-) (Corny, yea?)

Might I add...I did a splendid job!

Can't forget to wrap it up all purrty like! I had a great little basket and bought some cellophane to tie all together.

And there you go!

I also happened upon these bad boys below at the dollar store...I'm warning you... they are killer delicious! They taste like teensy versions of cakepops. I had them devoured for breakfast with my coffee the other day. It was a great combo!

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