Monday, March 25, 2013

Just Cakey

I think there's a trend with the whole Cake Batter and Confetti/Funfetti Cake being made into things...well, other than cake.  So far, I haven't made anything with cake batter/confetti cake other than cake pops (which doesn't count as being creative) I hopped on board today.  

Mike asked me to make a dessert for a pizza party him and his coworkers are having.  Some of his co-workers are going to be bringing their kids, so I thought I should make it a little more fun! Mike had the idea of brownies and then throwing some sprinkles on top which jogged my inspiration.  I've wanted to try this recipe, Funfetti Cookies from Confection's From the Cody Kitchen.  This was the perfect time to try it out.  
However, I wanted to incorporate chocolate gotta have some chocolate in there!  And I didn't exactly have a Confetti or Funfetti cake I ended up using a white cake mix and stealing (shhh don't tell) the "confettis" from a Pillsbury Confetti Icing jar :-/  and throwing it into the mix.  I know I'm going to regret that later when I'm looking for some confetti icing.  
  Getting crazy, I know!  Other than that...oh and using Xanthum Gum in exchange for the cornstarch...I followed her recipe.  
I'm thinking the kids are going to enjoy these fluffy creations tomorrow! 
I however, had the smallest of tastes as I was bad and ate three Reese's cups for dinner.  Yes, dinner.  I'm hoping my 4 mile run afterwards burned it off and then some.  I ate like a horse today! 

Off to watch the Shark's Game. Not very excited about the Murray I've gotta go find myself a new favorite.  Happy Monday all :-) 

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