Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I've got big news!

It's 2013!! Okay, that's not my news obviously but let's take a look back at the end of the year that just seemed to fly right on by.

I felt like the holidays swooped in and left just as quickly.  The holidays are always crazy around here as we have lots of friends and family to see and more than just Christmas to celebrate.  A lot of my friends (including me) celebrate birthdays around the holiday.  Celebrations galore!  I love any reason to celebrate and boy did we.  

I traveled into work to celebrate all my co-workers birthdays and we had a night out of wonderful food at an Italian restaurant, laughs all night long, and an extremely thoughtful exchange of gifts.  

Yummy Italian desserts were devoured...happy birthday to US! 

My friends know me so well! An awesome Paper-Source stamp for my baked goods with the inscription, "from the kitchen of:", a beautiful ceramic wine stopper, and two delectable alfajores!

Another celebration the following day! Onion soup and a sundae!!
Back home at work enjoying my birthday gifts, a Rodarte mug from the collaboration with Starbucks and Trader Joe's gingerbread cookies.  Deadly, I tell ya!
And, sooo spoiled now with my Lululemon tech gloves...texting and running, don't mind if I do!
And seriously spoiled with my annual birthday trip from the one and only! A trip to Napa...I had never been before.  Bouchon Bistro for lunch! 

A custom drink made just for Mikey...a mix of vodka, elderflower liquor, and grapefruit juice.
And of course I had to stop into the bakery for some of the famed macarons!!! Each flavor...UNREAL good! My favorite were the gingerbread and pistachio!
The smorgasbord of food continued...with brunch the next morning at BRIX.  A must if you're ever in Napa.  I highly recommend their Sunday Brunch.  Everything was perfection.  From the seafood down to the dessert table.  
A couple morning mimosas and coffee to star the day right!

After all the birthday celebrations, the holidays were really in full swing and I had to get cracking on my last minute crafty gifts which included the ever popular dog treats (popular with Sophie, that is!)
Had to make some for "the boys" (my parents' dogs) and Kiera (mike's brother's dog)

And what's a holiday without my brother-in-laws special egg-nog! His secret...peach schnapps...holy moly amazing!!
And the big bang to end the year...if all that wasn't celebration enough.  My one and only surprised me like only he can.  We were opening up the last Christmas gifts of the season...and whattdya know, I got a wooden box of olive oil soaps (this is actually right up my alley if you know me), and so I go to open the wooden box to check out the soap smells...and of course, they smell wonderful...I got two lavender, one olive oil, and circular jar that looks like lotion?....wait it has a picture of two interlocking rings on the top...wait, WHAT!??? Am I seeing things.  I looked up at Mikey to make sure it was real and that what I was seeing wasn't a joke.  
No joke! I was a hysterical mess.  Crying millions of happy tears and of course he then popped the question formally and I said "yes!"

A celebratory breakfast trip to Starbucks the next morning and I cleverly asked the barista if she could write "Bride to Be" so I could post our announcement to Facebook ;-) 
 My parents knew THE question was coming, and were able to successfully hide the surprise since October when Mikey showed them the ring.  The above picture was a "contingent" gift...a congratulatory Christmas tag made by my mom! So crafty she is!!

So the start to the new year was full boar into wedding planning....because it was for real!! I've been secretly planning my wedding via Pinterest for what seems like ages now.  Now I can pin without shame!! And boy have I!

I'll be documenting my ideas and things I've learned about the planning process along the way.  So far, it's been a real treat for me.  I have loved every minute of it.  We have lots of time to plan as our wedding won't be till 2014 which gives me adequate time to get everything just right.

The next couple weekend are filled with bridal shows, lunch dates with the bridesmaids, dress shopping, vendor research.  Sounds like loads to FUN to me!!!

Stay tuned!

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