Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apple Hill and Apple Sauce

This past weekend Mike and I took another trip up to Apple Hill. I'm telling ya, I can't get enough of that place! Well...actually, we went for the Apple Hill Harvest Run this time around, but don't think for a minute I was leaving without getting my apple goodies on!

Mike actually ran a race with me!! I was so proud of him!  This guys hates to run, but he's been doing so well lately going on runs consistently and taking Sophie out for runs.  I'm starting to rub off on him...yeeeea probably not.  The course wasn't too bad if you're used to altitude and inclines ;-) Starts out with 1/8 mile initial incline and for about 2.5 miles it's literally flat or all downhill.  And when there's a know the uphill is coming.  For the last mile it was a slight incline until the last 1/4 mile with a steady increasing slope....ughhh what a way to have to finish.  Not gonna lie...had to pee so bad at the end, I HAD to book it bc it was about to be an emergency!

Sorry for the terrible iphone3 photo :-/

I completed the 3.5 mile race 6th in my class (ages 19-29) with a time of 26:48, that's a 7:39/mile pace.  I was pretty stoked about that!! I was so proud of Mike, he finished the race 34th in his class!! He ran the whole way on his bum knee.  He was hurtin the next day for it, but I'm so glad he ran it with me.

Our friends Lisa and Jenna came out to the run as well! 

We were all pretty much there for the free stuff.  Several orchards gave out free pastries, juice, and one of the wineries a free reserve wine tasting! Woop!

We had priorities though and made our way to High Hill Ranch.  My fave!!  I got a Caramel Apple Shake at the Cider Shake and the girls got Sparkling Moonshine (Apple Cider Wine and Champagne).  It was unreal...I would've been dancing on the tables after one of those!

I couldn't leave without my fritter! Mike was so darn good...usually he can't leave without a caramel apple, but he actually passed it up.  He has been doing so well on his "plan to eat better" (not calling it a diet ;-) I also stocked up on apples with the plans of making this baked apples recipe from How Sweet It Is.  I will be trying that next, but first...I went for the easier recipe!

Crockpot Apple Sauce by Mommy Makes it Better.  

Of course, I pinned this one a while ago and have been meaning to make it.  It was sooo super easy.  Besides the initial work of peeling and coring the apples, you throw all the ingredients in and wait 6 hours for your crockpot to do all the work.

All the apples will break down in the crockpot...then when it looks like this, you can either use a blender or just whisk it up a bit and WA-LA! You've got warm apple sauce.  

See, warm...condensation happening.
I had just a smidgin and it tasted like Fall!

I decided to put my creative touch on it with the mason jar...I placed a cupcake wrapper in between the lid and tied some cinnamon sticks with twine. 

Would make a cute holiday gift for friends and family!  

This one's going to my dad...he loves all things apple!

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