Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Been A Long Time...

So I feel like a double whammy post is in order! I haven't forgotten my blog nor have I forgotten to bake since I've been back to work full time.  I'm finally back home from training (and I should say, I have been for awhile now :-/) and I'm all settled into my daily routine.

Sophie has been a wonderful work partner...

She mainly just sits by me all day and plays with her toys or takes a nap.  It's been awesome! I'll take her for a run in the morning and then another in the afternoon and she is good to go.

I've gotta confess, part of my daily routine at night is reading blogs...  

I am a blog-a-holic...I feel like it's my kind of news.  I swear, reading blogs is totally like reading the newspaper...only SO MUCH BETTER! It's reading the news you actually want to hear.  Crafts, weddings, fashion, recipes, DIY projects!  I love my me time when I sit down...Mike plays his video games and I go to town on devouring my blogs.  And then of course there is the subsequent pinning to Pinterest of all the cool ideas I've collected.

So like I said earlier I have definitely made time for my baking.

I came across these around Valentine's Day (on one of the blogs I read) and of course immediately pinned them so I could make some for myself.  I really thought they'd be more of a hit than they were with Mike, but win some, you lose some.  I wish they hadn't have been such a big hit with me...I freakin LOVED them!  But I had him take the batch to work so they didn't stay around long.'re probably like...get to the point by now...what the heck are these amazing things?  Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars from Sweetopolita!

I'm a big fan of anything with peanut butter in it.  You can't go wrong with it! And the added butterscotch was was salty, and creamy, and gooey, and crunchy all together.  I'm a big fan of texture too and this was a good mix.
Sweetopolita went one step further for Valentine's day and cut her bars into hearts...mine were just boring bars...but just as good!
Today, I whipped up another interesting concoction...something I truly surprised my OWN self with.  
I really tend to stay away from citrusy desserts.  They never seem appealing to me...UNTIL I had a Girl Scout Lemonade Cookie.  It was a dreamy shortbread cookie with the smallest hint of lemon frosting on top.  Fabulous!  Perfect for a little morning snack (turned breakfast...5 cookies later).
So when I came across this cake recipe...I wasn't totally opposed, and I had a million grapefruits in the kitchen.  It was calling my name and I stepped out of my baking comfort zone a bit and made Glazed Grapefruit Cake via Tracey's Culinary Adventures.
And when I say you win some, you lose some...this one was a total win in Mike's book! And when he likes something...the majority of people will like it.  Yay!

 So, I'll try my best to make the time between my next post shorter.  Sorry for the wait everyone :-) Be back shortly!

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