Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Simple Plan...

For now anyways :-)

So today was an exciting one.  I went to see the Le Cordon Bleu campus and my admissions advisor for the first time.  I was happy to find that the commute was exactly as Google told me.  30 minutes...not bad at all!

Courtesy of: Le Cordon Bleu 

We went over all the details necessary to get me all set up with the program.  The only downfall...every other baking program in the country starts in Feb. but Sacramento seems to be the exception.  I will be starting my program in May.  I'm already beside myself trying to wait for school to start...this wait is going to be agonizing.  I guess I'll try and work on my patience till then.  :-)  

The admissions advisor asked me, "on a scale of 1-10"...and that's literally all he could say before I was piping in, "10!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait!!".  Needless to say, I left them with no doubt as to whether I was serious about this program.

I got to tour the three different kitchens I will be baking in and a description of all the courses I will be taking.  I can't wait till the end of the program when we get into advanced decorating techniques, desserts, specialty event pastries, and chocolates/candies.  Then, the coolest externship!

They start working with us from day 1 to place us in an externship during the last 6 weeks of the program.  And of course, the idea is for us to find permanent employment there after the externship period.

SO, being the good student that I am...I eagerly went home with all my pamphlets and started researching places I could potentially see myself working in.  And by golly, I found a European Bakery right here in Sacramento.  Ettore's European Bakery looks, sounds, and by the reviews IS top-notch!  And they seem to do it all: cakes, croissants, rolls, eclairs, tarts, cookies, Napoleans, petit fours, muffins, danishes...I really could go on and on, but I'll keep your mouth-watering to somewhat of a minimum.
Courtesy of: Ettore's European Bakery (The Princess Torte)

The great thing...this is only one of the places I could potentially see myself at.  This man, Ettore, came from Switzerland with $350 bucks in his pocket as a pastry chef at the age of 20, established himself, and finally opened up shop in 1985 right here in Sac.  I'd like to follow similarly in this guys, experience, and ultimately entrepreneurship.

Maybe I'll call my plan the three E's or maybe "thrEEE" ;-)

Either way, before school starts I'm going to bake my little heart out and gain more experience and baking in my own kitchen and try to teach myself more techniques so when May 21st rolls around I'm a  confident baking student.

And the greatest part about all of this...I have full support on my side!  My parents from day one have always been so positive of everything I've ever wanted to pursue.  From wearing women's knee high fuscia panty hose that were more like thigh high panty hose when I was 3 years old to the grocery store (I know, I'm pretty sure you have a good visual in your head), to wanting to make a lot of noise as a drummer when I was 11, to getting a pre-med degree at Berkeley and then not going down the medical school route at all...and now finding myself here in this new adventure.  And my boyfriend who is so proud of me for pursuing my passions when most people don't have the courage to do so. And with his business sense mind helping me to make a sound plan out of my passion and idea.  But really he's just happy for me that I'm simply happy :-)

So I'm happy to announce that the next item on the menu shall be...French macaroons!!  This could be interesting, so check back soon to see how they fare!

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