Saturday, August 22, 2009

Retail Therapy

Therapy, or rather, the remediation of a problem was my mission for shopping today. It was definitely one of therapeutic purposes. One, to get my ass out of my apartment due to lounging: physical therapy. Two, to find the perfect little cardigan for an incomplete outfit that wouldn't be worn without one. And three, that pencil skirt that has been haunting me for months now telling me to "just buy one already!".

It was mission accomplished and therapeutic indeed, as I solved all my problems. Yes, I felt quite happy afterwards, but only because the purchases I did make had been well planned out in advance. It is only when an impulse buy sneaks in that I truly feel guilty. My mom always said when I was younger (and she was an advocate herself), to wait with all purchases, think about it, and then if it's still itching you later, then it must be worth it to go back.

I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in stores with my mom only to be told "oh, I think I'll wait" and me screaming in my head "just get it!!". I think I've definitely come to use her tactic down the line but squeezing my own game plan in need to step into the store t
o find out I'll be waiting on it. I research the damn item enough that it either starts to bore me or I've thought of more outfits than I ever thought were possible with what I already have in my closet! Of course it needs to be bought!

And so my well-thought-out items are as follows:
The perfect plum cardigan
: Nordstrom: BP

The Pencil Skirt
: Banana Republic

The pumps: Nordstrom shoes

Looks like my three problems were solved with three "P" purchases: plum, pencil, and pumps!

I can't end this without that tiny inspiration that got my butt off the couch. I aint gonna lie....I watched Season 1 Disc 1 of Gossip Girl and if it's not for a bunch of glam gals lookin all dudded up to make you wanna go out and shop, I don't know what will! Maybe our economy would pick up if everyone started watching Gossip Girl ;)

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