Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camp Okizu

Two years ago I was introduced to a wonderful organization called Camp Okizu.  My boyfriend had been a volunteer for many years and I was eager to be a part of it.  Camp Okizu is an organization that supports families/children affected by childhood cancer by offering peer support, mentoring, and recreational activities.  

Volunteers come together for weekends to week long stays where our sole job is to play with the children.  From zip-lining, archery and canoeing to playing board games, making friendship bracelets and fishing! 

The camp allows the families to get away from the daily burdens of chemotherapy treatments, hospital visits, etc.  At camp the kids are able to be kids and enjoy themselves.  

Because the families are already financially stressed due to the cost of treatment and the expenses inherent in the child's illness, the camp is free of charge to all the families involved from food/drinks to lodging and all the amenities.  However, organizations like Camp Okizu thrive from generous donations and events like the "Mercedez-Benz Community Stars" where Camp Okizu has a chance to win $25, 000.  Through Oct. 21, you can vote for Camp Okizu every single day.  

 So please go to vote.okizu.org in order to place a vote! 
Thank you!


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